Sauna, Spring Fatigue, Presence

In #71 I share my experience with Sauna, Spring Fatigue and actually practicing Presence in life. I know it is a weird combination of topics I go into. The framework I have: Fitness, Mental Health, Relationships and Sustenance model fits well with the chosen topic.

Check out the episode here: Soul in the Game #71


Call me crazy, but one thing I have realized for sure is the smell of my own sweat and it is very satisfying.

In my latest episode of Soul in the Game, I talk about how sauna has helped me stay fit-er! I am not going into the details of its benefits, not a huge fan of doing things only for the benefits. I absolutely love Sauna because it is a perfect place to sweat, meditate and up my heart rate.

The “Sauna” is present in many of the cultures around the world. It is believed that this culture dates back to as early as 7000 BC where the V1.0 was build by humans. There are a lot of research happening in this field currently. Personally, I have witnessed feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, leaving my skin softer.

If you want to hear my beautiful voice speaking about Sauna experience, go to this podcast: Soul in the Game #71 — Sauna

Spring Fatigue

Spring brings new life, new energy, sign of happiness, sunshine and also unfortunately allergies. Spring in Arizona is very short lived. However, for some it is hard to escape the allergy symptoms such as sneezes, watery eyes, head aches. In the past 3 of years, I believe I have started to notice a phenomenon where my body is extremely tired and I feel lethargy. Matching the timeline and symptoms my mind coined the term spring fatigue, and it is actually a thing. This is very short lived, and highly dependent on the types of food I consume.

When I mix gluten that we get in the US with spring, the lethargy and fatigue levels are the highest. It is almost like I am the wheat dough and I feel slow and elastic. Avoiding wheat is one of the easiest way for me to not feel this fatigue. This being a complete personal experience based on my observation, it may not be true for anyone else. I talk about exactly this in Soul in the Game #71 — Spring Fatigue


Be Present — it is one of the overused word in today’s culture. I did not realized its real meaning until recently. It had to be rather an unpleasant situation for me to realize the real meaning of being present. From that originated the understanding of to be present. Imagine the atom, its nuclues is the center of life which is inside us. The electrons are like thoughts, experiences, memories that circles around “me”. Being present feeling is like the electrons revolving around the nucleus. Always in touch with the inner self which catches everything that is happening around me.

Putting this into practice: Watching a friend talk to me, I noticed I was enjoying listening to the voice, texture, looking at the friend’s eyes, body language all of it WITHOUT any judgement, comparison, appreciation, or finding faults.. Just watching the beauty. That is all.

I do not go back later to these to do any analysis either. It is just being there. I share my realization here in the podcast: #71 Soul in the Game — Presence

Wrapping up

Writing is a beautiful journey, so is art, dance, music, podcast, or any creative work. Keep discovering your true self and express it whatever way you can to help and understand others on this planet. After all, that is why we are all alive right now.

Through this writing I would like to lead my readers to think of people in Ukraine and Russia right now, going through War that they did not choose to have. The leader makes the decision and people have to go through it. And all of us, the world watching all this so helplessly. Peace!



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