Caffeine, Squats and Chaos

Soul in the Game

In episode #70 I share my experiments with quitting coffee, 100 squats per day challenge for just 7 days and realizing the chaos in my mind.

Fitness: 100 Squats/Day

Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

Ok, ever since I embraced squats in my exercise routine, my knees have been very thankful to me!! I am happy, my knees are happy!! Its a win-win relationship.

It did not start that well at all, we have had our ups and downs in the past 3–4 years of our lives. My knee would cry while climbing stairs after my injury from running 5K. Physical Therapy was not helpful for me. Fast forward to today, I am able to reach a point of climbing stairs with my knee being happier, all thanks to Squats!!

I decided to take my squat experiment to next level in Feb 2022. 100 squats/day for 7 days experiment. It was an instant decision after watching few fitness freaks taking up this challenge for longer duration. The results is what motivated me to try.

Ok, quick side note on instant decision. Before I judge myself for making instant decisions, I have come to realize that it is the best non-judgmental way of embracing things in life. Sometimes, the more time I give my mind, it starts analyzing and providing free judgements. So, go instant decision making skill!!! OK, back to the squat track now..

I not only enjoyed the squat challenge, but it was actually fun doing them. Especially with so many variations we can try. I really felt my knees become rock hard after 2 days. I could not sit on the chair without the agony of my upper thighs. And the magic happened after the 5th day — all pains were gone and I felt like I got fresh pair of knees.

I felt loose around my lower abdomen, felt more space there and I am more mobile. This is what I talk about in my recent podcast episode as well. You can find a lot of good stuff about squats if you google, I only share my perspective of doing this in my this podcast episode.

Check it out here:

Quitting Coffee

Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

Who does NOT want an aromatic fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning? Well, I decided to experiment quitting coffee, so I can track my sleep patterns and my mental clarity.

So, that is exactly what I did in the month of Feb 2022. I quit coffee for about 90% of the time, and tracked my sleep record. Guess what, I was happy with my experiment. I not only got better deeper sleep after caffeine completely washed out of my system, I also have mental clarity very similar to that of drinking morning coffee.

See my initial score when I quit coffee — deep sleep is little more than 10% of my sleep and perfect sleep cycle with REM, light and deep sleep states. This I was craving for internally. Only achieved after limiting my caffeine intake.

Without caffeine sleep cycle

Below chart contains similar hours of sleep, but with zero deep sleep at all. I remember feeling not very refresh and more than that the lack of clarity in my thoughts. I am so so thankful for the ability to track these in my life an make adjustments so I can function to the best of my abilities.

Caffeinated sleep cycle

Few variables here:

  1. No alarm was set to wake me up in the morning. I wake up organically
  2. Most of the days, no other alternative caffeine drinks were consumed, I did consume de-caf coffee at times
  3. There were days (about 3 different occasions), I slept late and woke up early for other reasons and those days, I deliberately consumed caffeine coffee to keep myself awake. This I noticed, did impact my deep sleep state for next couple of nights.

I talk about them in my Feb podcast episode, check out here:

Living in Chaos

This is the state of my mind that I experience and feel from time to time. I do NOT enjoy this state of mind at all. However, I have come to realize that there is no other option than to experience it and not try to escape from it. The more I try to escape, the more it tries to stay.

Why it happens? My understanding is, constant exposure to non-deliberate feeds of my social media — including everything such as instagram, facebook, whatsapp status, news, youtube, shorts, forward messages to name a few. Imagining how my brain has to find the signal amidst all this noise makes me get a vertigo.

Therefore, I have no choice but to become aware of these causes. I cannot 100% remove them from my life, but I can learn to manage them. Take breaks as soon as I find the trace of chaos inside me.

Photo by Callum Skelton on Unsplash

The results are worth it!

Higher quality intimate relationships.

Clear mind — sharp focus.

Improved genuine confidence.

I share more deeper thoughts on this in my podcast here:



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